Jim's Candlelight Dancing

Short Documentary

A short documentary about a local dance group, Jim's Candlelight Dancing, based in Exeter Devon

I produced this mini documentary as my final piece for my Film and Video course at Exeter College. We were given the theme of 'Twists and Turns' and decided I'd like to film something related to dancing. I have a neighbour that was part of Jim's Candlelight Dancing and he gave me a brief overview of what the dance consisted of, the venue and the type of people that spent their Saturday evenings there. 

I arrived at location early to film some of the setting up shots with Jim and his Son. This also provided a good amount of time to set up an interview shot with Jim as it was the only time he was available. As people arrived I was shown to different people had interesting stories and I was really happy with the answers I was able to get out of them, from a couple meeting at the Dance's, to somebody who allows them to have a bit of time to themselves and have fun. 

I was really happy with the story I was able to tell in the short piece and it always helps when the interviews are fantastic. It was one of the most fun pieces I have filmed and I achieved an A Grade in my course with this film. 

One of the issues I had was the very low lighting on the dance floor, however there wasn't much I could do about it. I used one of the best low light cameras to avoid noisy images but the red light add a nice dimension to the video in my opinion. 

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The Loft
The West Wing
Old Broadclyst Station
Exeter, EX5 3AS

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