De Beauvior Block Opening

Short film

A trip to London for the grand opening of the De Beauvoir Block

Rekord were tasked to create a short video promoting the opening of the new 'creative' office block in Hackney, London. We took the train from Exeter packed with all the camera gear needed for the day and a storyboard for the short video. The client wanted to show the stunning town of De Beauvoir before moving onto the opening event. It was key to show off the towns main feature such as the cafe, lovely London houses and the quiet roads for cycling and it is always great help when the weather is on your side. 

The shot of the church was achieved by taking over 400 photos slowly moving closer to the church. This process is called a hyperlapse and the aim is the keep your camera on the tripod and move it a the same small distance each time. It takes a long time to create but the final outcome makes it worth it.

We arrived in London around 11am and the event finished at around 10pm which gave us a great time frame to work. We were able to get the 'around town' shot while the sun was out and had plenty of time to film the actual event before it went completely dark. The longest process of the film was the edit which took around 15 hours including the colour and audio correction. 

It's always good fun to film events and at Rekord it's all about finding creative ways to promote them. If you're interested in a promotional event video please email

If you're interested in a promotional event video please email

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