PR Portraits for Business

As an Exeter based Press and PR photographer, I am often asked to produce a set of portraits when a business or organisation has a significant appointment to announce.

These portraits are often used to illustrate a media or press release and will be published in print and online, so it’s important for me to shoot a variety of styles, shapes and expressions …. and usually I will only have about 5 minutes with them!

For these jobs, I like to arrive a head of time, especially if I don’t know the venue. I like to scout round for a suitable location or two, checking for a good background and seeing how the light is falling through the windows. If I don’t have much time with the person, I prefer to shoot with as much natural light as possible and then I can concentrate putting them at ease for the portrait session and their poise.

If the portraits are for editorial only, I would recommend working with natural light, however if they need a more Corporate feel, then I would introduce some studio flash. If time allows, a bit of both for the clients library is best. Lighting on location isn’t a problem as I have a set of Elinchrom portable battery powered studio lights.

I’m a professional and I like to be ready when the person ‘walks on set’ so to speak, I’m conscious that their time is important and they won’t want to be standing around watching the photographer put up their kit!

Here’s a selection of portraits of Mike Pearce who was recently announced as the new Finance Manager at Exeter Science Park.

If you have a requirement for some new staff photographs please don’t hesitate to contact me for a price

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