Groups shots, who would do them!

I saw this picture on the front page of The Culm Valley Gazette (one of my local papers) this morning and as they say, there’s always one.

However, rather than spoiling the picture, the young chap pulling a funny face, actually makes it I think – it’s cheeky in an amusing way and you can’t help thinking ‘there’s always one’ and laughing with him.

I also can’t help thinking what does the future hold for this young lad, it would be great (if this newspaper is still going) to see what he is up to in 25 years.

Well done to the Editor too, for putting it on the front page, it certainly put a smile on my face.

I remember when I was a trainee Press Photographer on the Plymouth Evening Herald, I was always warned to look out for ‘scallywags’ when photographing big groups of people, particularly men’s sports teams. There was always one who thought sticking out more than their tongue, was very funny. Tony Carney, my picture Editor, would always give the pictures a second pair of eyes before they went up to the newsroom.

Those were the days!