Touching PR Picture taken at Exeter Care Home Garden Party

Rekord was commissioned by multi-award winning Bristol PR Agency to cover a summer garden party at the Exeter care home of their client Lexicon Healthcare.

It took me back to my days as a trainee Press Photographer where I covered many Fayres, Fetes and Garden Parties cutting my teeth and learning my craft.

I’m not sure if it’s because you have to ask people to sign a model release form these days but the jobs was  more difficult than I remember. People used to be delighted to be asked top have their picture taken for the local paper but seem much more cautious these days.

Anyway, I had a great couple of hours in the sun walking around the party, making things happen and creating fun pictures out nothing – the No.1  Press Photographers skill!

Ambitious PR were thrilled with the pictures which secured them coverage in their target publication Devon Life. It was the touching picture of resident Joan Barker and her son Bob that I’m most pleased with. I came upon the pair sharing a cream tea and with cups in hand I asked them to put their heads together for a picture. They misunderstood my request and brought their foreheads together to give me this lovely picture.

Happy days!

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