The Lake District with a new toy

I was really looking forward to visiting the Lake District for two reasons. Firstly, it was my first visit and secondly I was taking a recently purchased new toy – a Fujifilm X pro 2.

I’m no landscape photographer but I do enjoy snapping away when I’m out and about walking and I’d started to find carrying my ‘work’ camera a Nikon D810 all day on a trek a bit onerous, especially with the large fast lenses I use.

I found myself using my iPhone 6S, which was fun but didn’t deliver the quality I wanted. I’d been recommended the Fuji by fellow photographer and when I read the reviews, what caught my attention was the number of other photographers who’d bought the Fuji as a second camera to use when ‘off duty’ and how much fun they were to use.

For starters I purchased the 23mm F2  and 56mm F1.2 lenses – I’ll wait and see if I need a wider option.

So packed in a new little Domke bag that I could attach to my rucksack belt, I set off for the Lakes with my new camera.

The picture above was taken on my first day there on a visit to  Described to me as follows ‘ if you only have a day in the Lakes, go to Tarn Hows as it’s the Lakes in miniature’.

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