Editorial PR style portraits of Devon Wildlife volunteers

Doug & Joan Cullen have been volunteers for over 20 years, helping to maintain the East Devon Pebblebed Heaths and Lower Otter Estuary for the benefit of wildlife. Their hard work was recently recognised by Clinton Devon Estates and I was commissioned to shoot a set of Editorial PR style photographs that could be used on the client’s web site and social channels as well as being offered to regional media for publication.

Although I had some ideas in my head, I was a little concerned that with Joan & Doug being in their Eighties, they may not want to stray too far from the car park – I needn’t have worried.

These two are real outdoors people and it would seem, never happier than when they are out and about in the beloved East Devon. Constantly looking out for wild birds and chatting with each other about what they’ve seen.

Doug and Joan were a real pleasure to photograph and very patient with me too. I explained that I would like to photograph them in several locations to produce a variety of portraits both looking into the lens and away from the camera when it seemed more appropriate. They were happy to accommodate my ideas, offering me advice about locations that might help me get better pictures.

I also found out they are big fans of excellent optics and were keen to ask questions about my Nikon kit and equally, I was keen to have a look through their Swarovski binoculars – which were spectacular and I couldn’t resist photographing Doug’s hands close up holding his pair.

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