Chris Packham PR & Publicity Portrait

What an absolute pleasure it was to meet and photograph BBC Wildlife presenter Chris Packham.

I admit, I was feeling a little nervous when I set off to meet him at the Secret World Wildlife Rescue Centre in Somerset, where he was filming for a new BBC wildlife programme called The Burrowers. For not only is Chris a well known face on our TV screens, he is an outstanding photographer in his own right!

I needn’t have worried, Chris was engaged, interested in my ideas and really helpful in trying to achieve them. And afterwards, a real privilege, we sat on a couple of equipment cases with a cuppa and Chris got his phone out and was keen to show me the wildlife pictures he’d taken on a recent trip to Africa – Amazing!

This picture of Chris with a young badger was my favourite from the shoot but I don’t think it got to see the light of day because soon after Chris got embroiled in a nationwide debate about badger culling and I would imagine the BBC didn’t feel comfortable about using it – shame.

Here’s Chris in a trailer for the series

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